Little Samson Models

6" Scale speroidal graphite and gunmetal castings, & laser cutting


Speroidal graphite

Malleable iron crankshaft 122
Malleable iron front axle 101

CNC Machining

Expansion link cnc machined in mild steel. Needs
finishing with dead smooth needle file. Die block not included. £38

Yellow brass Nameplates

Round name ring for gear guard £32.00
Valve chest cover name plate £28.00
Motion plate works name plate £48.00

Laser cutting

Hornplates, front plate, and spectacle plate 184
Stearage brackets 31
Back wheel spokes 124
Tender side plates, pair 66 All rivet patterns laser cut (.118" diameter)


Rolled steel smokebox with reducing rings £72

Rolled chimney with over-lapping seam spot welded together. Heavier material than most amateurs could manage. £71


Spun chimney cap 107


1: Feed pump £89
2: Feed pump clack box £77
3: Material for plugs & cock (recommended) £27
4: Feed pump glands & fittings £25
5: Boiler clack box, feed pump (includes cast elbow) £74
6: Boiler clack box, injector (includes cast flange) £55
7: Safety valves: top, bottom and flange £59
8: Pair of crankshaft main bearings  £56
9: Crankshaft big end bearing  £28
10: Slide valve £24
11:Set of four glands for cylinder £27



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