Little Samson Models

Burrell Gold Medal


6" Scale speroidal graphite and lost wax castings, & laser cutting

Speroidal graphite

51Crankshaft £194
52 Front axle £104
53 Front Fork £88
54 Perch bracket £95
55 Crankshaft slow speed pinion £38
56 Crankshaft intermediate speed pinion £47
57 Crankshaft fast speed gear ring £49
58 Fast speed gear ring centre £54
59 Right hand bevel wheel centre £36
60 Left hand final drive pinion £48

61 Right hand final drive pinion £41
62 Back spring housings (pair)
63 Back spring tee pieces £32
64 Brake lever £42

Pressed and laser cut

LH hornplate pressed to shape and then laser cut.
RH horn plate laser cut. (Flat plate)
£182 the pair.

Laser Cutting

Set of front wheel spokes £56
Set of back wheel spokes £128
Pair of box brackets £38
Pair tender draw straps £48

Spinnings and Twised Brass

Spun chimney cap £128
1" square (1.5" across diagonals) twisted brass in
65" lengths. 3 lengths needed per engine for six uprights.
£56 a length.
1.25" square also available, 39" lengths at £36 each


Set of three leaf springs, one front two back.
Fully formed and heat treated.
£532 for set of three springs.

Safety valve spring. £24

Wire Erroded / Ground

Pair of expansion links with fitted die blocks. Machined from P20 so suitable for nitride hardenning if desired. Bronze Die blocks. £226


Rolled steel smokebox £63
Rolled steel smokebox to boiler reducing ring £33

Rolled chimney with over-lapping seam spot welded together. Heavier material than most amateurs could manage. £90

Front wheel rims (pair) £83
Back wheel rims (pair) £264

Pair of brake rings £32

The rolled items are supplied as rolled hoops only, there is no welding.

Sand cast gunmetal (hub caps yellow brass)

65 Smoke box name ring – large £62
66 Big end bearings, 4 castings, £69
67 Crankshaft main bearings, left & right, 4 castings, £89
68 Second shaft bearings, pair £52
69 Back axle bearings, pair £54
70 Front wheel bearings £47
71 HP & LP valve chest name plates, sand cast, £48 pair
.. As above, but lost wax, £82 pair. View plates
72 Manifold £24
73 HP & LP slide valves (pair) £48
74 Globe valve bodies (makes two) £26
75 Whistle mounting bracket & valve £29
76 Boiler Feed pump body £113
77 Feed pump covers, set of three, £58
78 Feed pump gland, internal sleave & clacks £39
79 'Clean out boiler' plate £18 (sand cast)
.. As above, 'Clean out boiler' plate £28 (lost wax)
80 Injector boiler clacks, pair, £72
81 Blow down (two castings) £34
82 Set of 6 glands for piston, valve, and regulator rods £62

83 Bach hub caps in yellow brass (pair) £72
84 Front hub caps in yellow brass (pair) £42

85 Lost wax handweel for boiler fittings (lost wax) £7
4 oil caps for road wheels (lost wax) £22 View Oil caps

Flanged plates

Flanged LH & RH back tank sides (pair) £120
Flanged front tank ends (pair) £90

Transfers -pictures below.

'Gold Medal RAC Transfer £30
Weights transfer (cream letters) £5
Speed 5 mph transfer (cream letters) £3
Full size Gold Medal RAC transfer £50



Above: A delivery of rolled wheel rims and smokeboxes for The Little Samsons, GMTs and Devonshire designs. Nearest the camera are back wheels for the Devonshire, laid flat are back wheels for the GMT.

Right: A delivery of castings from the foundruy before being tidyied away. Most of the castings are for the GMT. The crankshafts and front axles are in maleable iron.







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