Devonshire / 5HP Road Locomotive Boiler information

There are two sets of boiler drawings, one for the DCC engine and the other for the SCC engine. The two sets of drawings are identical other than the postion of the injector clack, the position of the hand hole in the top of the boiler barrell, and the DCC boiler has an adition bush for steam feed to the manifold.

The Devonshire boiler barell is 13 " in diameter by .375 " thick wall. The boiler has a flanged back head and a flanged throat plate, making it much closer to full size practice and greatly improving the appearance of the boiler.

Boilers are not available directly from Little Samson Models.

The main supplier isTony Baldwin of AJB Engineering (01773 570805).

Another supplier is Powys Steel Fabrications (01691 860750). See

All the boilers supplied by AJB Engineering and Powys Steel Fabrications are complete with the relevant EEC documentation.

All the pictures below with thanks to Tony at AJB Engineering.

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6" Devonshire Pressed backhead 6" Devonshire backheads & throatplates All boiler plates certified (bottom of plate)



Video of pressing boiler plates.




6" Devonshire boiler barrels, 13" Dia


Throat plate, barrel and side plates.


Fire box offered up


View from Back head


Reaming tub holes


Fire box in situ.


Fire box welded in.


Two boilers being pressure tested


Two Devonshire boilers
The hot pressed and welded backheads
SCC Devonshire boiler

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