6" Burrell Devonshire & Road Locomotive.

Examples of some of the Devonshire components: Hornplates, etc, (Page still building)

Pictures of cylinder have own page (access from previous page)

This is how the customer recieves the LH dished hornplate. The tabs are individually bent and then welded. This hornplate had to be scrapped as it was bent to the wrong hand - what a pain!

The same hornplate after initial bending of the tabs. Minimum welding is advised to avoid distortion. Grind off to achieve a smooth curve.


The first 3 Road Locomotive and 3 Devonshire are put into stock. Offset the right way around!

Devonshire & 5 NHP Road Locomotive chimney caps


CNC former for spinning the Devonshire & 5 NHP Road Locomotive chimney caps


Front Leaf Spring

Road Locomotive flywheel & front axle.


Selection of Devonshire (and sone GMT wheel rims)

Eight EN8 flame cut final drives for the Devonshire

Eight EN8 flame cut final drives for the Road Locomotive, note larger in diameter but share the same gear centre

Selection of EN8 machined gears for the Devonshire/RL. Splines yet to be put in the pinions.


Crankshaft and front axle castings



Expansion links wire erroded from P20. This material is suitable for nitride hardenning. Available with a bronze or P20 die block.




Valve chest name plates, left lost wax cast and right sand cast. Customer choice!

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