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Burrell Devonshire


The gear sets for the Burrell Devonshire are available as complete sets, gear cut and with the two keyways cut in the final drive pinion but not the splines on the crankshaft pinions. All gears are steel, in EN8.

By ordering multiple gear sets the price is believed to be highly competitive.  Both the 3 speed Devonshire and 3 speed Road Locomotive gear sets are normally stock items. 

The 2 speed Devonshire set, however, is special order requiring one gear pair to be specially made (the crankshaft fast gears) the remaining gears being donated from a 3 speed gear set

.Each gear set comprises:

3 speed change pinions, note splines are no longer cut
3 seed gear rings
2 final drive pinions, keyways cut
2 final drive gear rings.

Devonshire 2 speed gear set £1,850 (special order)

Devonshire 3 speed gear set £2,050

Devonshire 2 start worm and wheel £195

    Devonshire 2 start machine cut worm & wheel

    Note all the slines and keyways are cut

    Close up of 3 sets of gears

    One Devonshire set and two 5HP Road Loco sets

    Checking mesh of gears using slips

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