Little Samson Models

Burrell Devonshire & Road Locomotive

6" Scale speroidal graphite and lost wax castings, & laser cutting







Small smoke box Name Ring (replacment for cast iron)



Large smoke box Name Ring ‘Devonshire’



Large smoke box Name Ring ‘Traction Engine’



Large smoke box Name Ring ‘Road Locomotive’



Front Hub Cap, pair (replacement for cast iron)



Back Hub Cap, pair (replacement for cast iron)



Water Lifter Rose (two castings to silver solder together)



Water Lifter Union Nut



Water Lifter Union Elbow


10 Brackets for Boiler Bands, set of six £36
11 Set of 4 lost wax oil caps for road wheels View Oil caps £22
12 Lost wax handweel for boiler fittings View handwheel £7
13 Valve chest Nameplates (pair) (SCC engine) (lost wax) £82
14 Valve chest Nameplates (pair) (DCC engine) (sand cast) £48
  Valve chest Nameplates (pair) (DCC engine) (lost wax) View plates £82
15 Steering wheel / Brakewheel (replacement for cast iron) £58
16 Flywheel brake handwheel (replacement for cast iron) £24
17 'Clean out the Boiler' Nameplate (sand cast) £18
  'Clean out the Boiler' Nameplate (lost wax) £28


Water Lifter Body



H.P. & LP Slide Valves (pair)



Piston Rod Glands (pair)



Valve Spindle Glands (pair)



Regulator Glands (pair)



Starting Valve Body, fulcrum & flange



Stick to make two globe valves, one straight one 90 deg.



Cylinder Drain Cock Body (pair)



Blow down Valve Body



Manifold, SCC, cast pipe variety from boiler to box bracket



Maniford, DCC, to fix to box bracket fed by copper pipe



Water Gauge  Mounting Flange (state RL or Devonshire)



Devonshire feed pump (replacement for cast iron)



Pump Bypass Valve Body



Pump Bypass Valve Body Gland



Devonshire boiler barrel pump clack box View clack



Devonshire boiler barrel pump clack top


35 Devonshire boiler barrel pump clack elbow £38


Devonshire hornplate injector clack valve body View clack


37 Devonshire/RL high level boiler barrel clack box View clack £36
38 RL boiler barrel pump clack box View clack £44
39 RL boiler barrel pump clack elbow £38
40 Crankshaft main bearings LHS (round, two halves) £44
41 Crankshaft main bearings RHS (rectangular, two halves) £65
42 Big end bearings (four castings, two for each big end) £77
43 Road Locomotive feed pump in gunmetal (replaces cast iron) £145
44 Feed Pump Gland £23
45 Feed Pump elbow (replaces cast iron) £38
47 Feed Pump round top cover (replaces cast iron) £15
48 Feed Pump bottom oval cover (replaces cast iron) £13
49 RL feed pump suction pipe union & flange (replaces cast iron)(pair) £24
50 Back Axle Bearings (replaces cast iron) (pair) £82
51 Back wheel bearing (replaces cast iron) (pair) £87
52 Front wheel Bearings (replaces cast iron) (pair) £47
53 Back tank isolating valve body, plug & flange (three castings) £97
54 Front tank equalising elbow and nut (two castings) £60
55 Live Steam & Starting Rod Bracket (two castings, for DCC only) £26
56 Checker PlateTool box lid (set of three castings) £36
57 Flywheel belt roller bracket for fitting to front tank (pair) £24
58 Whistle mounting bracket & valve £29


Rolled steel smokebox, Devonshire £71
Rolled steel smokebox, Road Locomotive, longer £79
Rolled steel smokebox to boiler reducing ring £49

Rolled chimney with overlapping seam spot welded together. Heavier material than most amateurs could manage. £80

Devonshire: Front wheel rims (pair) £102
Devonshire: Back wheel rims (pair) £294

Road Locomotive: Front wheel rims (pair) £121
Road Locomotive: Back wheel rims (pair) £314

The rolled items are supplied as rolled hoops only, there is no welding

Pair of DCC laser cut hornplates, LH folded to include offset and welded with tabs to complete the pressed outline. Devonshire hornplates £244, Road Loco hornplates £254. View Hornplate

Pair of SCC laser cut hornplates, two flat plates, complete with pair of steerage brackets. 4 item set. £132.

Laser Cutting

Set of 20 Devonshire front wheel spokes £75
Set of 28 Devonshire back wheel spokes £168

Set of 20 Road Locomotive front wheel spokes £77

Set of 32 Road Locomotive back wheel spokes £192

Safety valve easing lever. Stainless steel. £15

Pair of box brackets £--
Pair tender draw straps £--


Spun chimney cap £137. View Chimney cap

Springs: Fits Road Loco and Devonshire

Front leaf spring, hardenned and tempered. £138 View Spring

Safety valve spring, ready to fit. £25

Wire Erroded / Ground

Pair of expansion links with fitted die blocks. Machined from P20 so suitable for nitride hardenning if desired. Bronze Die blocks. £226 View expansion link