6" Burrell Devonshire Cylinder

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The pattern is in three halves split horizontally (like the full size one is) and there are 9 cores in total.

All the steam ways are cast in, including the regulator, leaving minimal machining for the builder.  

A test cylinder was  cast in aluminium and sectioned in order to check exact position of passageways and 
concludes with the first iron cylinder being machined.  

3 part Pattern, unpainted

Regulator core and box

First 5 coreboxes and the
top part of pattern in paint.

Test box made up for the
top of the cylinder

First 3 cores assembled
in the top box






HP and LP bores &
steam passage ways added.
Part top box and LP core added. Stean uptake
now full hieght.
Core connecting HP exhaust to LP valvchest fits over the top.
At the foundry, bottom box with cores assembled.
Top box, upside down, with insulated risers to feed the casting.






3 part box, bottom box nearest and next two behind
Aluminium trial cylinder
straight out of the sand.
Trial cylinder sawn into 4 to check layout of the cores
LP valve face, all is good.
The steam uptake core needs to be moved 1/16" to the left






Cross section of cylinder. Some tweaking to be done.
First iron cylinder
Low pressure valve face, ports all have machining allowance
Top of iron cylinder . Small boss is feed for cylinder oil.
Pair of cylinders.
Six iron cylinders
SCC & DCC crankshaft patterns

First iron cylinder
Confirining where the holes go

Machining datum faces
Boring the HP cylinder
Front of first iron cylinder

Exhaust face of iron cylinder


LP valve chest
HP valve chest
Boiler radius machined
Motion Bracket
Underneath of motion Bracket
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